Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tribal Happenings at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival: Looking back at 2014

Special thanks to Shella La Bella

Once again, our troupe Tribal Happenings graced the LARF stage of the Painted Badgers Pub with our favorite numbers during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

It's always a treat to be a performing at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.  I know that once I leave the fairground, I will leave more inspired to improve my dancing.

This year, however, is a little different. For a while, Tribal Happenings was mostly active during LARF, but with the help of the founder, Lady Morrighan, Tribal Happenings will be running as a full time troupe with me as co-troupe leader. This. is. EXCITING!

With that being said, I hope to stay active on The Ferris Wheels also as we go on this journey. I'm lucky to work with a great team of women and hope to share that experience in 2015.

So, did you miss the show? Don't be alarmed. We have video!

Special thanks to Craig for video

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Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We're back! Meet us at the Pub!

From left to right: Lady Sherry, Lady April, Lady Morrighan, and Lady Paige
Special thanks to Shella La Bella for her amazing photography.

We ladies of Tribal Happenings are back again to dance Thanksgiving weekend (Nov.28-30) at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival . This will be my fifth year on the fairground (Yay!) and it's starting to hit me that in two and a half weeks, we'll be shimmying across the stage at the Painted Badgers Pub.

What we have planned? Well...I can't say too much, but I can give you hints...

What to expect from a Tribal Happenings show

1. Expect to be welcomed by this woman, Shella La Bella. If you see her and she is making an announcement, listen!

2. Expect our show times to be the following: 11:00 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:00 pm. You'll know we're getting ready when the below happens. 

So many pillows!


3. Expect to be greeted with a big smile and a zaghareet from the stage. We're always happy to see new faces, so get comfortable.

Founder and troupe leader of Tribal Happenings, Lady Morrighan,

4. Expect to see new faces and the return of familiar ones. This year, we're welcoming Lady Kaela and Lady Katie, and welcoming back Lady Tara! 

From Left to Right: (Front) Lady Sherry, Lady Morrighan, and Lady Dawn; (Back) Lady Jennifer and Lady April

5. Expect colorful skirts in action

From left to right: Lady Lindory (Me), Lady Morrighan, Lady Sherry, Lady April, and Lady Paige (seated) 

And I mean LOTS of it...

And lastly...

6. Expect to see a group of dancers having the time of their lives as they leave a part of themselves on the stage.

Number 6 really hits home. *cue warm/uplifting music*

We're getting closer, and I'm excited to see who we run into this year. Let the Tribal Happenings adventures commence!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My List of Favorites: YouTube Belly Dance Videos

"Show Alquimia Kahina Bellydance" Image by Andre Santos.

I have something to admit: I love YouTube belly dance videos!

Sometimes, there is nothing better than just sitting back and surfing for amazing dancers perform various styles .

So now I'm thinking, why not share my favorites with you?

In no order, I will share a short selection of dances separated by categories. Every one of these performances have something I hope to take back with me for my own studies.


How amazing is it when a dancer looks like she's having fun? The first time I saw this video, all I could do was smile. Kahina's energy and appearance of true enjoyment really makes this performance. Source

Sharon Cohen

Another dancer who performs like the life of the party. Sharon Cohen doesn't just appear as if she's enjoying herself, she demands the dance floor. Source


Talk about personality! Esmerelda dances with confidence and poise. The power in her arms, isolations, and facial expressions are eye-catching moments from beginning to end. Source

Enjoyed these performances? There are more to come!