Thursday, November 6, 2014

My List of Favorites: YouTube Belly Dance Videos

"Show Alquimia Kahina Bellydance" Image by Andre Santos.

I have something to admit: I love YouTube belly dance videos!

Sometimes, there is nothing better than just sitting back and surfing for amazing dancers perform various styles .

So now I'm thinking, why not share my favorites with you?

In no order, I will share a short selection of dances separated by categories. Every one of these performances have something I hope to take back with me for my own studies.


How amazing is it when a dancer looks like she's having fun? The first time I saw this video, all I could do was smile. Kahina's energy and appearance of true enjoyment really makes this performance. Source

Sharon Cohen

Another dancer who performs like the life of the party. Sharon Cohen doesn't just appear as if she's enjoying herself, she demands the dance floor. Source


Talk about personality! Esmerelda dances with confidence and poise. The power in her arms, isolations, and facial expressions are eye-catching moments from beginning to end. Source

Enjoyed these performances? There are more to come!

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